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Our collections are carefully curated by discerning photographers and art directors who believe that spectacular photography is never as simple as point and shoot. From rights managed to royalty-free, unforgettable moments in history to natural wonders and iconic

celebrities, each image meets a high standard of authenticity and originality specific to its collection. Explore what makes our offering so unique in these features with our contributors, art directors, and more.

Bettmann Archive

Founded in the mid-1930s, the Bettmann® Archive is one of the most significant collections of historical images in the world. A compilation of more than 11 million photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries, these remarkable images are made up of various other collections — including the United Press International Photo Collection — and convey a rich and indispensable history of civilization.


History’s photo album

“Otto Bettmann was a crate-diving collector. UPI, on the other hand, was a news service, a band of photographers tracking stories around the globe.”
— Ken Johnston, director of photography, historical

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A collection of fresh and culturally diverse photography. Eclectic and current, Blink boasts a natural and youth-driven — but polished — personality. An immediate, unprocessed quality gives the photography a peer-to-peer appeal, capturing the world from the perspective of today’s young, media-savvy generation and documenting their lifestyles and values.


Hosting a party to shoot a party

In a recent shoot featuring do-it-yourself weddings and celebrations, art director Christopher Simon set out to capture more than just a party. At the top of his list: the sentiment of collaboration, the detail of handcrafted decorations, food, and favors, and the joy of friends who are truly happy to be together.

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Crush photography challenges traditional conventions and delivers international appeal. These images are carefully art directed, employing the theatrical, the flagrantly stylish, and the conceptual to enhance modern brands.


Drama is in the details

Breaking with convention and venturing into the world of the conceptual is a matter of getting the details just right. Art director Anke Hoefkes achieved convincing theatricality in this collection of award-winning photography by researching, finding, and even building one-of-a-kind props and backdrops.

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Simple, well-crafted depictions of the natural world and civilization, ranging from scientific illustrations to photographic documents.


What doesn’t meet the eye

A type of photography that employs specialized equipment to magnify its subjects, microscopy captures what the eye otherwise can’t see. Carl Gronquist, director of photography (editorial), discusses how this stunning collection of images reveals some of nature’s greatest wonders and tackle life’s most basic questions, from how to why.

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Versatile, art-directed, and commercially relevant images executed with an attention to detail and creative verve. Fancy® images are available individually or as virtual discs of 60 to 100 images, and are shot by one photographer in a consistent style, around a specific theme or concept.


Taking great stock

Contributing photographer Rebecca Frick breaks away from past misconceptions about stock images to find fresh, vibrant ways to tell universally appealing stories in her work for the Fancy collection.

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Sophisticated and well-crafted images — with broad market appeal — that embrace conventional aesthetics. Photography for Ivy captures timeless concepts across popular subjects like business, lifestyle, and travel.


In search of authenticity

For Peter Schnaitmann, executive producer of creative photography, a custom shoot is an opportunity to accomplish many things at once. He talked to us about what was top of mind on a recent shoot he art directed for the Ivy collection.

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An authentic and irreplaceable collection from the world’s leading documentary photographers. These are conceptually rich images with vast commercial potential.


The photographer who flies

George Steinmetz flies in the world’s lightest powered aircraft to capture sweeping landscapes in a way no one else can. He explains what draws him to the sky, how he avoids trouble in foreign lands, and how he knows he’s caught a perfect moment from above.

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Portraits of today’s most intriguing, iconic, and globally relevant personalities, taken by some of the biggest names in celebrity photography. These unique, high-production-value portraits record the faces and characters who shape the world of movies, television, music, politics, sports, and business.


A conversation with Larsen&Talbert

The celebrated husband-and-wife team of Michael Larsen and Tracy Talbert is a new addition to the Outline roster. They gave us a peek into their unique approach for capturing vibrant, playful portraits of some of the biggest names in entertainment.

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A premium-quality editorial collection with global breadth and depth. Terra illuminates the natural world and expresses the diversity and complexity of the human experience.


Working in the wild

Nature photographer Paul Souders isn’t afraid to get close to his wild subjects. And these pulse-raising encounters result in extraordinary photography of animals in their natural habitats.

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42-21780727 | © Rachel Frank/Corbis

42-27853416 | © Max Wanger/Corbis

42-27564060 | © Ben Hupfer/Corbis

OUT29013784 | © Larsen & Talbert/Corbis Outline

BE027148 | © Bettmann/Corbis

42-22929728 | © Paul Souders/Corbis

42-17166731 | © George Steinmetz/Corbis

42-21803109 | © David Scharf/Science Faction/Corbis

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