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Blink Collection: Bride holding bunch of colorful balloons

42-28984114 | © Matthias Ritzmann/Corbis

Blink Collection: Guests having fun at wedding reception

42-28984487 | © Matthias Ritzmann/Corbis

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Hosting a party to shoot a party

In a recent shoot featuring do-it-yourself weddings and celebrations, art director Christopher Simon set out to capture more than a party. At the top of his list: the sentiment of collaboration, the detail of handcrafted decorations, food, and favors, and the joy of friends who are truly happy to be together.

Identifying the trend:

Taking inspiration from the upcoming trend report BACK TO REALITY, we wanted to visualize the shift in the consumer mindset, illustrating how weddings and celebrations have become increasingly low-key in recent years.

Establishing the right tone:

In order to achieve an authentic and familiar setting, we cast 18 models. We made sure the models knew each other, which made them feel comfortable in front of photographer Matthias Ritzmann’s camera and allowed us to capture genuine emotions.

Capturing real moments:

To fill the content gap of realistic party images, we finished this shoot with a big party.

The look of Ritzmann’s work is exactly what the Blink collection is about: a peer-to-peer, realistic aesthetic.

Blink at a glance

  • Realistic, culturally diverse, character-rich, expressive photography.
  • An authentic portrayal of the young, urban-culture generation through selective casting and thematic sensitivity.
  • Nontraditional industry aesthetic.
  • A premium rights-managed collection.
Christopher Simon

Christopher Simon | Photo by Anne Poehlmann

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