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The simplest pricing calculator in the industry

Take the headache out of calculating the price of rights-managed imagery with Corbis Images’
new pricing calculator. In a few simple steps, you can see different pricing options dependant
on usage, and select the images that are priced for your needs.

Browse through our step-by-step guide below to see how the calculator could work for you.

When you want to price an image, click on the calculator symbol, either above or below it.


Corbis Calculator


The pricing calculator for that image is then revealed. You can choose whether you want a
Quick or Custom Licence. The Quick Licences option offers a number of common usages in
different industries. If you have a very specific usage in mind, the Custom Licences option is for you.


Quick Licences

In this case, we have selected Quick Licences, and specified that the image would be used
in an Advertising context. You could also select Online usage which would give you a number
of standard web usages, or Publishing, to help you select common editorial usages.


Price image


If, for example, you would be using the image in a company brochure, at a half-page size,
you would select the option shown. The price is then instantly displayed in the total.
However, you can also see the prices associated with other usages, to help you make the right choice
for your needs.


Price image


Once you have made your final choice, you can specify the start date of your licence, put the image in your basket and continue shopping, or proceed straight to the checkout.


Custom Licences

If none of the usages in the Quick Licence option are right for you, select Custom Licences.
This offers you many more options to define the way in which you will use the image.


Custom Licences


In this option, we have selected Brochure and Direct Marketing. This, as with all options, will
give you a number of potential usages. In this case we have selected a Single sheet, Promotional Postcard, Flyer as an example.


Image options


Once you have made this selection, you can refine your needs in a number of drop-down windows in order to get the correct price for your image.

If you change the parameters of your licencing choice, the prices in the size grid will alter, until you make your final selection. Once you finalise your preference, the price is visible in the total. Set the start date for your licence, and you can put the image into your basket or proceed to the checkout.

If this is a usage you need frequently, you can save it by using the "Make this my default" button.


Custom Licences


If none of the Quick or Custom Licence options are suitable, or if the image has special restrictions, your Corbis Representative will be available to help you calculate the correct price for your image. Contact us