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What’s new — and what’s

next — in photography

We know finding the right shot can be tough. The perfect image is unique, current, and relevant to your story. As your creative ally, Corbis® Images keeps you informed about what’s new — and what’s next — in image trends.

Trends in Sight, a series of creative research reports, showcases new photography collections shot with emerging cultural and societal trends in mind — and studies the effects these trends have on various industries, education, health, lifestyles, and more.

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in Sight

Creative research reports are cross-cultural studies that preview the trends responsible for shaping the global visual landscape for the next several years.

Through extensive analysis of top-selling creative and editorial images, and the latest demographic and psychographic findings, our researchers create these reports to better understand the underlying values and insights that enable consumers to establish emotional connections with certain images. This helps us ensure Corbis photography is always relevant and up to date.