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More migrants arrive on Lampedusa

More migrants arrive on Lampedusa

epa02689377 A Sub-Saharan African migrant mother carrying her baby wrapped in a rescue blanket is assisted after arriving in the harbour of the Italian island of Lampedusa, on 15 April 2011. A group of 221 people aboard a 15-metre boat that left Misurata, Libya, four days ago were saved by Italian Coast Guards earlier this morning 15 April 2011. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon had suggested on 14 April, that boats from the European Union's border patrol mission Frontex should send migrants found at sea straight back to Tunisia, rather than take them to Italy for identification. His proposal could prove controversial, as the internationally recognized non-refoulement principle states that authorities cannot push back migrants without checking first for the presence of asylum-seekers. EPA/CARLO FERRARO
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April 15, 2011
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