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Farmers parent abandoned bear cubs in SW China

Farmers parent abandoned bear cubs in SW China

One of the two black bear cubs adopted by farmer Tian Shougui sits on a sofa at the house of Tian in Yukong village, Longhua town, Pingshan county, Yibin city, southwest Chinas, 15 June 2011. Tian Shougui, 42, and his wife found the two black bear cubs, one male and one female, which were dying of hunger while picking tea leaves at their tea plantation on April 1. Each of them was only about 20cm long and weighed less than 1.5kg, and seemed to be born and abandoned by their mother for not long time, according to Tian. He rushed to the township and bought baby formula and rice flour to feed the cubs. To take care of the baby bears, Tian and his wife took them home and raised them like their children. The couple has already spent several thousand yuan buying food to feed the cubs since April. Every day, the two cubs come to Tian when hungry and go back to the fo
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June 15, 2011
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