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Sudan - The Nuba War

Sudan - The Nuba War

Nubans walk through a hut bombed by a SAf Mig jet. Since South Sudan.s celebrated it.s first independence day last July, Khartoum has waged a war against the people of Nuba mountains and the neighboring state of Blue Nile. The population of these states is Black and fought with the South. Broke and unable to suppress it.s people on the ground, Khartoum has resorted to a random bombing campaign designed to terrorize it.s own people so they will flee from the Nuba mountains..Initially it did not work, as families hid in caves in the rugged mountains for protection. But after missing last year.s harvest the people of the Nuba mountains are facing a much more deadly weapon than bombs, starvation. .Hundreds of hungry families are now making their way south to Yida refugee camp across the border of South Sudan. In the last few weeks the NGO running the camp has seen a dramatic increase in new arrivals, and severely malnourished children. Because the Nuba conflict is so politically charged, and the UN doesn.t want to be seen as helping the Nuba fighters, UNHCR has given little Aid to the refugees telling them instead that the only way they can get basic services is to move to a swampy barren and currently empty refugee camp to the south. Full rations have only been distributed by WFP in the last week, even though the camp has been open for almost a year..Meanwhile promises by the international community to push Khartoum to allow NGOs inside the Nuba mountains have led to nothing, allowing the government to continue using hunger as an effective weapon of war. With the rainy season starting within weeks soon it will soon be impossible to bring Aid into the mountains where nearly 450,000 people have been displaced by they conflict. .Interviews with community and political leaders inside the Nuba mountains as well as individual families, show that many thousands plan to head to Yida over the next month if Aid does not arrive. Many have already eaten the seeds they normally pla
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