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Zhejiang reservoir bursts, 10 killed

Zhejiang reservoir bursts, 10 killed

A local resident cries at a village where a dam burst happened in Zhoushan city, east Chinas Zhejiang province, 10 August 2012. At least 10 were dead and three went missing after a dam burst on Friday (10 August 2012) morning in a village in Daishan County, east Chinas Zhejiang Province, China News Service reported. The accident happened around 5am when the dam that holds a 180,000-cubic-meter reservoir collapsed. More than 10 houses were washed away. Daishan County fire department has sent firefighters on three trucks to the site to search and save victims and so far more than 20 residents have been saved. The rescue work is still going on. Daishan is the second largest island of Zhoushan, a city made up of many islands. Zhejiang has been lashed by downpours over the last few days with the arrival of typhoon Haikui, which landed in the province early Wednesday (
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August 10, 2012
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