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USA - Presidential Election - Election day in South Florida

USA - Presidential Election - Election day in South Florida

November 6, 2012 The one poll booth machine in this Hallandale district broke down. It broke down because someone checked in the box instead of circling in the box. The election worker asked people to submit their voting packets into the Emergency Bin. Some people annoyed left and decided to come back later. Others had to go to work and couldn't wait. People were not comfortable with this process as they thought it was not secure. Others put their ballots in the emergency bin. The election worker said the emergency bin is secure. The emergency bin is collected by the worker at the end of the day and they physically handle citizens voting packets. The worker then will feed the packet into the electronic voting machine. Several people added their packets into the emergency bin not comfortable with the process but couldn't wait.
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November 6, 2012
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