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Study This Boys and Girls and Make Your Kisses Smack Right

Study This Boys and Girls and Make Your Kisses Smack Right

To break into the movies these days, one has to be proficient in the art of kissing, the above lay-out, posed by Paramount Junior Stars, depicts the right and wrong way to kiss milady. Left to right: Pose One; In overcoming the strain on the neck of the girl, Josephine Dunn, the man, Charles Rogers, has moved too far back from the girl. The hands of both are in the wrong position, the girl's hands should be higher and his farther around her. Both have kept their faces nearly horizontal and so their noses interfere when they kiss. Pose Two: The man, Charles Rogers, has embraced the girl, Josephine Dunn, allowing her right arm to go under his left, and her left to be placed on his shoulder. This brigns their bodies into position from where the kiss is easy and natural. In the kiss proper, however, there could still be improvement, since the lips do not meet p
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ca. 1920s
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