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Germany EU Insurance Disaster Losses

Germany EU Insurance Disaster Losses

FILE - In this June 3, 2013 file picture members of the Red Cross make their way by boat in a flooded street in the center of Passau, southern Germany. A leading insurance company says flooding in central Europe last month caused damage totaling more than US $16 billion, about a quarter of it insured — making it the year's costliest natural disaster so far. Munich Re AG put insured losses from the flooding in Germany and several other countries at US $3.9 billion. Both figures were similar to the damage caused by floods in 2002 that hit some of the same areas. Munich Re said Tuesday July 9, 2013 that overall losses caused by natural disasters totaled a below-average US $45 billion between January and June, with insured losses totaling US $13 billion. May's deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma were the second-costliest disaster in the period, causing overall losses of US
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June 3, 2013
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