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Contemporary design festival Designblok 2013 in Prague

Contemporary design festival Designblok 2013 in Prague

epa03902379 A visitor is seen inside a mirror's room of Heineken company at the company's exhibition within the contemporary design festival 'Designblok 2013' at Goods Railway Station in Prague, Czech Republic, 08 October 2013. Designblok is an international show of contemporary furniture, industrial design, interior accessories, lights, fashion, and jewelry. Czech designers and selected foreign brands present their works from 07 to 13 October in the Czech Republic's capital. Designblok has been running since 1999 and with its rather long tradition, it has managed to attract some of the most renowned local and international designers this year. The Designblok Superstudio, where the best Czech producers and schools will display their latest products, will be located in Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov 'Goods Railway Station', which currently represents one of the most dis
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October 8, 2013
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