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China aims to close 2,000 small coal mines by 2015

China aims to close 2,000 small coal mines by 2015

The view of a coal mine in Huaibei, central Chinas Anhui province, 14 October 2013. The Chinese government has pledged to close more unqualified and dangerous coal mines by 2015 as the country strives to improve its alarming safety record. At least 2,000 small coal mines will be closed by the end of 2015, the State Council, Chinas cabinet, said in a statement on Saturday (12 October 2013). The closures will target coal mines with annual output of no more than 90,000 tons that fail to meet the safety rules, and mines based on substandard coal resources that are prone to accidents, according to the statement. China was once criticized for having the worlds deadliest coal mines due to its deep reserves of coal and loopholes in regulating the nations 12,000 coal mines. To protect workers lives and appease the growing public anger, the government has taken iron-fisted
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October 14, 2013
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