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Flying Suacer Over Manhattan

Original caption: A two-man interceptor flies eastward over Manhattan Island in this artist's concept of the type of Flying saucer which the United States Air Force has ordered from, Canadian Firm. This drawing, by artist Gurney Miller, appears on the cover of the March Mechanic Illustration Magazine. According to Air Force Secretary Donald A Quarles, AVRO, Ltd., of Canada is building A. Quarles, AVRO, LTD., of Canada is building an aircraft close to the popular idea of "Flying Saucer. In the magazine, science and space travel writer Willy Ley says the craft will be lifted on jets of air shot downward from nozzle, around the rim. Once aloft, the pilot shuts off all except the rear nozzles, which will operate like any jet. in forward flight, stability will any jet. In forward flight, stability will be achieved through the use of jet air intakes (Visible above rim) as wing
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