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Diagram of MOUSE Satellite

Diagram of MOUSE Satellite

Original caption: "Father" of Farside Opened Space Travel Door in 1951. Baltimore, Maryland: The Baltimore News Post in a copyrighted article today declared that Dr. S. Fred Singer (shown) University of Maryland astrophysicist known as the "father of project Farside" opened the door to satellite development in 1951 but that his urgings went unheeded by the federal government. The article pointed out that after propounding a U.S. Earth satellite six years ago, Dr. Singer began work in 1952 on a design for the vehicle (right photo) called "MOUSE" the initials standing for "Minimal Orbital Unmanned Satellite Earth." The article stated that if Dr. Singer's plea had been heeded by the U.S. could have beaten Russia by "years or at the least, by eight months" with launching of the first Earth satellite. The newspaper article suggested that the government should make use of Singer'
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November 12, 1957
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