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Soviet and East German Officials Holding Hands

Soviet and East German Officials Holding Hands

Original caption: Big Show for Departing Soviet Leaders. East Berlin, East Germany: East German officials put on a gigantic rally in Marx-Engels Platz (the Lustgarten before Communists took over East Berlin), to speed home the departing Soviet delegation headed by party boss Nikita S. Khrushchev and Anastas I. Mikoyan, a Soviet deputy premier. Photo left: As hundreds of thousands of East Germans were marched through the square, holding hands as a sign of solidarity, were from left: Otto Grotewohl, premier of East Germany; Walter Ulbrict, East German Communist Party head; Khrushchev, and Mikoyan. Photo center: Older workers carry placards with pictures of Mikoyan (left) and Khrushchev (right) during the farewell demonstration. Photo right: Ulbricht, speaking during the outdoor rally, praised his friend Khrushchev before the farewell rally, a Soviet-East German accord was s
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August 16, 1957
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